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        Haiti's Sandy Hook School in Ouanaminthe, Haiti is  EXPANDING!!
In an effort to keep the memory alive of the many children, teachers and staff whose lives were snuffed out in the terrible tragedy in Connecticut, Crosswood International purchased the property in Haiti, pictured below, to start a school for children who would not otherwise have the opportunity to receive an education. This announcement comes after it seemed all hope was lost in the agreement. We give God the glory in His provision. Thank you all who agreed with us in prayer. Haiti's Sandy Hook School can now move forward with no limitations. We are looking at one thousand children being able to attend the school in the next 7 years. Wow!!!       

 Videos of the now existing school!

We currently have over 340 students enrolled for 2017-2018 and hundreds on the waitlist.  We are being obedient to what God has said and wanted, and HE is providing!  We have built a school on the property to help meet this need of an education for multiple hundreds of children.

We have a great staff, along with administration to help see this project through.  Pastor Jackson Princilien oversees everything pertaining to the school.  He has been an amazing blessing!  So grateful to have him be not only a part of this vision, but a part of our lives!



Pastor Jackson sitting with his children

Pastor Jackson with Pastor Bill Sherman     

                                                                                                                             The staff: Pastor Bill Sherman, Germatte Felix (Secretary),
Dieudline Felix (K-Teacher), Dulces Pierre 

Below are pictures of some of our students, along with our "old" building:


Crosswood Church City of God for the Nations Ouanaminth City  (Apostle Jackson Princilien)
Crosswood Church  Boispindri  ( Pastor Gernuis  Felix)
Bethel Crosswood Church Mombin Crohu  (Pastor Deluc Frederic)
Christian Crosswood Church  Rosie  (Pastor Emile Joseph)
Bethesda Crosswood Church Ouanaminth City (Pastor Eneck Toussaint)
Crosswood Church New Vision Gouabary ( Pastor Jesula Desnoyes)
Crosswood Church House of God Ouanaminth City(Pastor Claudel StJuste)
Bethesda Crosswood Church Mombin Crohu (Pastor Emanes Brutis)
Crosswood Church Liberty By the Word Ouanaminth  City   (Pastor Jeacius Garcon) 

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